100 mile

23,800′ of gain, 23,800′ of loss

50 mile

10,900′ gain, 10,975′ of loss

21 mile

5,400' gain and 5,400' of loss




This is a difficult and beautiful race in the Bannock and Pocatello mountain ranges surrounding Pocatello Idaho. The full course is 100 miles long with 23,800′ of vertical gain and 23,800′ of vertical loss.  The 100 mile course will run 35.5 miles and then join the old 100k course, there will be some additional mileage for the 100 mile runners between the Cusick and City Creek aid stations. The 50 mile course will start at the Gibson Jack Trailhead, run a section of the previous 100k course to City Creek and then will be the same as the previous 60k course to the finish. The 21 mile is the previous 35 k  course (w/ 5,100′ of gain), will be unchanged.   On the map we have depicted it as 3 legs. Note that the full 100 mile race runs all three legs, the 50 mile race runs legs 2 and 3, and the 21 mile race runs  leg 3.

1) 100 mile 23,800′ of gain, 23,800′ of loss.
2) 50 mile 10,900′ gain, 10,975′ of loss.
3) 21 mile 5,400′ gain, 5,400′ of loss.


You can download the Caltopo map here:  GPX file 

The following information should prove useful for orienting yourself to the course and the 3 different legs (leg 1 : leg 2 : leg 3).

100 Mile Map (PDF Version Here)

100 Mile Elevation Profile (PDF Version Here)

50 Mile Map (PDF Version Here)

50 Elevation Profile (PDF Version Here)

21 Mile Course Map (PDF Version Here)

21 Elevation Profile (PDF Version Here)

Aid Station & Mileage Table

SMU 100 MILE Mileage Chart
SMU 50 AND 21 MILE Mileage Charts
Crew Maps: Google Maps link https://goo.gl/maps/Rrk9eBcWvcq

Historical Information

  • 2018- Scout Mountain Ultras 100 mile, 50 mile and 21 miles started.
  • 2014- New S.M.U.T. 100k, 60k and 35k routes.
  • 2013- the original course
  • 2012 – the original course
  • 2011 followed an alternative “snow course”
  • 2010 followed the original course, but was cancelled due to inclement weather here
  • 2009 followed the original course – here


Such a great race! So well organized and such a beautiful run. Could not possibly have asked for more.

Chloe Johnson

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Thank you for a great, well organized race and a beautiful course. While I had my internal battles on the course, I was never lost and always had what I needed at the aid stations. It was a great intro to ultrarunning – I’m already hungry for another.

Jason Johnson

badge-forest This event is held in part on the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, under special use permit with the Westside Ranger District

USATF_logo This event is a USATF sanctioned race.

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