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Scout Mountain Ultras 2018 – 162K = 6 points

2020 Race | June 5th-6th








Welcome to The Scout Mountain Ultras! Formerly the Pocatello 50, these races have evolved over the last few years. We now will be offering the following distances: 100 miles, 50 miles and 21 miles.  We are finalizing the details of the courses, but they are going to build off of the previous 50 mile and 100 kilometer events that were held in the past.

We are including several lesser known sections of trail and providing the 100 mile runners to summit Old Tom Mountain, Kinport Peak, and Scout Mountain. Over the 100 mile and 50 mile courses there is less than 2 miles of pavement, the majority of the rest is some of the finest Idaho single track. These are difficult mountain races and will certain provide plenty of adventure and challenge for those lucky enough to get a spot. Held the first weekend of June every year, we look forward to celebrating the sport of ultrarunning, here in Pocatello, for years to come.

If you took pictures from the previous event and are willing to share, please send them to us at slukenelson@gmail.com or share them on the Scout Mountain Ultras Facebook page.

In addition, proceeds from the race will be used to make donations to one or more environmental groups that work in Idaho or are involved in protecting public lands that so many of us enjoy.

Sincerely, Luke Nelson
Race Director for the Scout Mountain Ultras

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100 mile

23,800′ of gain, 23,800′ of loss

50 mile

10,900′ gain, 10,975′ of loss

21 mile

5,400' gain and 5,400' of loss

Such a great race! So well organized and such a beautiful run. Could not possibly have asked for more.

Chloe Johnson

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Thank you for a great, well organized race and a beautiful course. While I had my internal battles on the course, I was never lost and always had what I needed at the aid stations. It was a great intro to ultrarunning – I’m already hungry for another.

Jason Johnson

badge-forest This event is held in part on the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, under special use permit with the Westside Ranger District

USATF_logo This event is a USATF sanctioned race.

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